Do I need a prescription for colon cleanse products?

  • No. The colon cleanse supplements we have reviewed on this site are offered as nutritional supplements and therefore do not require a prescription.

Are colon cleanse supplements considered safe?

  • Yes. The colon cleanse supplements featured on this site are considered all-natural and do not contain any hormones, harmful chemicals, or steroids.

What are the side effects of using herbal colon cleanse products?

  • To our knowledge, no harmful side effects have been reported with any of the colon cleanse products mentioned on our site.

How permanent are the results of colon cleanse products?

  • Rsearch indicates the results are fairly permanent. However, because more toxins will most likely be consumed in the future, a maintenance dose may be needed occasionally.

Do colon cleanse manufacturers guarantee the results of their products?

  • Yes. Any reputable colon cleanse company will offer a full, money back guarantee for those who have less than desirable results. Furthermore, the top companies such as those featured on this site will make the process very easy. Remember, no herbal product works for everyone 100% of the time.

When will I be able to notice results after I start taking colon cleanse pills?

  • The amount of time before results are seen varies considerably due to a number of factors unique to each person. Although unusual, we’ve heard of some people getting results within a couple of weeks. For most, it will take 5-6 months before consistent results are achieved. Remember, the body is supposed to have 2-3 bowel movements per day, it takes time to regulate the colon.

For what period of time should I use colon cleanse pills?

  • Similar to the answer to the last question, we would give these supplements a good 5-6 months before evaluating results. The kind of body transformation we’re talking about here takes time. It helps to have reasonable expectations before using any herbal supplement including colon cleanse pills.

Will colon cleanse supplements cause me to gain weight?

  • No, throughout the course of our study we did not find any evidence of weight gain while using these products (especially if you follow our tips on maximizing results). In fact, you may lose weight due to regular bowel movements and the elimination of toxins.

Should I take colon cleanse supplements if I am pregnant or nursing?

  • No. Contrary to what some colon cleanse product manufacturers claim, you should not use any type of colon cleansing product if you are pregnant or nursing. Some natural ingredients found in products for colon cleansing can possibly cause damage to the developing fetus or baby. Women who are pregnant or nursing should never take herbal supplements or medications without first consulting their health practitioner.

Do herbal colon cleanse products interfere with the effectiveness of birth control pills?

  • No. None of the ingredients in colon cleanse products interfere with birth control pill effectiveness.

If I want to see faster results, can I take more than the recommended dosage or take several products at the same time?

  • No, it is never a good idea to to stray from the manufacturers guidelines on how and when to take their product. Most colon cleanse companies have tested and have had thousands of people use their products. They are in the best position to recommend the correct dosage schedule.